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March 23, 2007



What utter BS. With guys like this one wonder people think the way they do about Islam.

This practice is nothing more than prostitition. What is just as bad as I know that these same guys would tell you that any children that come of such relationships are not their responsibility.

No matter how they twist this, this is NOT a religious practice. It is culture idiocy that they dressed up in Islamic clothing.

If there is an "enemy of Islam" today, it is men like these.

This practice is NO different than the Shi'ite practice. Well, yeah, it is WORSE, because at leaste in the Shi'ite practice the women are aware of what they are getting into.


What do you expect from a religion that claims that its highest reward in paradise is constant never ending sex with perpetually inexperienced women?

Actually it sounds more like hell to be condemned to an eternity of an urgent need that is never really satisfied. Be careful what you pray for. You may get it...


Another great post - Thanks! I've heard tons of stories about this happening - and this place is filled with wives who, I'm sure, had no idea what they were getting into when they married Saudi men back in the States - but to have a so-called leader not only condone it but endorse it is insane! Now I only wish I could read Arabic.

Shaikh Dot

Ho ho ho!

Yes you may marry with the intent of getting divorced. And I'd be the ideal candidate. Use me, abuse me and then divorce me ;-) I'll be seeing you the next time you're in Jeddah.

Northern Shewolf

Shaikh Dot,
You levity is out of place and quite insulting; it actually bespeaks of a small-minded male chauvinist PIG!
If you have nothing worthwhile to say, outside of flippant quotes, may I suggest that you limit yourself to whatever idiotic passtimes are available to you in Jeddah!
Reading this very stupid comment, one wishes for the Hindu conceit of reincarnation: So that you may come back as a dirt-poor uneducated Pasthun girl.

Northen shewolf

Abu Sinan,

Many thanks for your good wishes: cast & splint off,lots of physio, much pain but on my way back!
Your sympathy was very much appreciated {;-)


Northen Shewolf: Easy on the vicodin! Why don't you come live in Saudi Arabia... when you hear absurd stuff like this on a daily basis, you too will learn to joke about such things.

Northen shewolf

Sorry to have let my passionate dedication to Justice and Freedom for all my sisters get in the way of good sense, Dotsson. I did not get that this was yours, you usually are of a much more serious, voire grim mind-set. And to my discharge, there have been of late quite malign folks commenting, if you can call it that...
Be that as it may you are quite right though, my present 'altered self' was a major contributor to this outburst.
As to living in Saudi, I confess that I could not summon the proper slavish attitude, and would more than likely end up in goal. Forgive me, as in my book your are a real credit to your sex, as well as what every Saudi male should look to. ;)


For all the mental trauma I have suffered, I want a lifelong 50% discount on anything I buy from your bookstore and ummm... oh yes I love food. What can you cook? Are you from the North, thus your nickname, Northern Shewold? North as in somewhere around Minnesota? What do all those Finnish Lutherans eat up there? Salmon?

Northen shewolf

Whoa, my dashing Sheikh!!! 50% is a bit too steep! An astute business woman, let me offer this: buy 2 get one free. That is what I occasionally do for my favorite customers (birthdays & holidays). Find a propitious moment and voilà!
Yes I am in the North, as in Canada, and being French I can say without boasting that I am quite the 'mini-chef'; so should you show up unannounced, a 'cordon bleu' meal could be yours to savor. Salmon included if you so wish: wild Atlantic salmon is the best in the world!
And as to religion, the much 'rebelled-against' Catholicism of my childhood has very long ago been replaced with the daily practice of meditation: a much more soothing and positive way to express love and gratitude for the wonder of Creation.
Are you itching for travel? {;-)


Damn! You typed all of that with a broken arm?

Buy 2 get 1 free will do. Your meal offer is very tempting indeed, hopefully I can pick up a few French words from you and then use them and try to impress Aya ;)

Hurry up and get well soon!!!

Northen shewolf

Sheikh Dotsson,
Proudly typed with 4 fingers of my right hand; am on my way to recovery, so watch out!
Thanks for the good will! {;-)


So what about Misyar and Nikaah? Are they not Sunni forms of temporary marriage?

Northern shewolf

Al Miller,
One may consider that many Sunni men do approach marriage with a lot less seriouness and respect than they should; many marry to divorce at the drop of a hat if the bride does not suit in whichever way (the procedure is laughably easy for men, a few words suffice). Also I have been told by a Bahraini gentleman that having 'bits on the side' or 'kept concubines' is quite common in the Gulf. They may piously throw the book at the Shiites, but mostly out of envy I suspect.

By the way and so sorry to point this out, one would say Shiism not Shiitism...the later being a bit too close to unmentionable matter.


Was your spelling lesson intended for me?

Northern shewolf

Actually Al, it was in reference to the post itself, and something that while 'under the influence' I did not catch at first read.
I did wonder if it was a lapsus mensae, as I doubt very much that Aya is given to that sort of facile put-down.


Temporary marriage allowed in Shiitism

So how come I read about the growing popularity of Misyar Marriages in Saudi Arabia?

Nikah Misyar or "travellers' marriage" (Arabic: نكاح المسيار) is the Sunni Muslim Nikah (marriage) contract carried out via the normal contractual procedure, with a negotiated understanding between the couple that the husband is not obliged to fulfill his usual financial commitments, and the wife lives a separate or independent life also free from her marital commitments. The couple continue to live separately from each other, as before their contract, and see each other to fulfill their needs in a halaal manner when they please.

Essentially the wife gives up some of her rights, such as; living with the husband, equal division of nights between wives in cases of polygamy, rights to housing, and maintenance money ("nafaqa"), while the husband also gives up his normal marital rights.


Where did you find this guestbook by the way??? I'd like to have one like this on one of my sites!!!


Oh please, if you dont think that the average American man has anything other than screwing in mind when talking to some girl, you are completely insane.

Belive me, Men in America wouldnt even talk to women if sex wasnt involved. Shit, just look at our TV, Movies, and Music Videos.

Man, how can you supposidly live in the US, and not see the blatently obvious.

Gheez, talk about shitty hate mongering. No one enywhere, except the completely insane, think that "Saudi women" are more of a Sex object then American ones are. Gheeze. Thats just pathetic.

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The devaluation of women as a human being in these places is incredible .. international agencies should act to ensure that this be done now!

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1- I am from Hijaz, Saudi Arabia. 2- I am currently studying in the US & fully legal. 3- Since I am an alien (according to the law), I am allowed to make grammatical mistakes and endless run-ons. 4- I do pick sides and call them "educated opinions." (I am pro-choice). 5- I believe that the number one worst export of America is "McDonalds",


شكرا على التدوينه ومنتظرين جديدكم

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