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March 10, 2006


Turkish Socrates

No way!.. Saudi men also look for naked women on the internet?... I don't believe this.. Coming from the most holy of all the places they too search for visual pleasures? I'm wondering though why specifically they would prefer naked SAUDI women? You would think that after that much seclusion, isolation, and depravity just about any female naked body would get the job done. I guess they too feel a sense of patriotism after all....... Any thoughts?...


Turkish Socrates,
You mentioned a good point: Why search specifically for Saudi women? The thing is, some God-fearing men want to make sure that the women who belong to them (the whole Saudi female population) are not behaving badly on the internet ;)


dear aya,

so ... another blog i have to strike off my "possibility of naked saudi women appearing HERE" list. damnit.

btw - on your link list, aqoul is not written "aquol" but "aqoul".

i am - among many things - an editor. i'm required to point these things out.



John Burgess

I find a distressingly large number of searches for "naked Saudi women" and "Saudi sex" on my Crossroads Arabia blog, too!

I don't think I've got the word "naked" in any of my posts, but "sex" does appear, largely because I refuse to misuse the word "gender."


Sorry again, those naked Saudi women will not be coming to my blog anytime soon. And thank you for mentioning the mistake on Aqoul’s title: it is fixed. (It’s also good to know that there is an editor around :)

There is an underlying obsession with sex in the Saudi society. We have a saying in Arabic: Whatever is forbidden is also highly desired (Al-Mamnu’ Marghob). A study should be conducted on this blatant contradiction of values!

Lisa Goldman

Hi Aya,

I just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying it immensely. And BTW, I get a lot of hits from men (or perhaps women?) looking for "hot Israeli women" and "Israeli sex." For some reason, most of those hits come from Saudi Arabia and...France!


Dear Lisa,

I am glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog, welcome! It is surprising that you are receiving searches for hot Israeli women and sex from Saudi Arabia, didn’t know that Saudi men (or women for that matter) are also looking for that. I think we should start documenting these searches for future research purposes.

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